Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shameless Commerce

Having gotten nearly ten thousand hits in a year, I figure that there's an off chance this blog might actually help me pay a bill or two. To that end, I wondered how I might go about putting some ads on the site.

I briefly considered signing up for Google-Ads, but I rejected that pretty quickly. Their system selects ads based on site content, but it it does so rather stupidly. I'd undoubtedly end up with ads for World of Warcraft gold and homeopathic remedies coming out my ears, and I definitely don't want to support such people.

Fortunately, I discovered that Revival Enterprises has an affiliate program, so I can place ads on my weblog that are actually appropriate to my areas of interest. At the moment, the ads are kind of obscure, since I don't really want to emphasize them, but scroll down the right column for some fencing supplies and books.

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