Monday, March 06, 2006

WoW: Low on Quests

I found a pretty large chunk of time with which to play World of Warcraft over the weekend, and managed to wrap up quite a few quests. So many, in fact, that Gullveig and Dagran are rather short on quests to complete.

All of Dagran's remaining quests are Deadmines quests, so I'll soon be refining my knowledge of that dungeon. Escorting the Defias Traitor (a preliminary quest for the Deadmines) is usually pretty easy if you do it at a busy hour of the day. At such a peak time, there are usually so many players lurking near the entrance to the Deadmines trying to form groups that the Defias Looters and other threats to the Traitor are usually all dead when you escort him through.

Gullveig took a second trip through Blackfathom Deeps and wrapped up both of her quests there. That party was a very efficient monster-killing machine. Gullveig switched rolls pretty frequently, playing healer, tank, blaster, or backstabber according to the situation.

She also completed the last of the Astranaar quests and the last Charred Vale quest, including the long trek south to the far end of the Barrens and through Thousand Needles just to talk to one Druid at the edge of Feralas. She's got a quest in Darkshore still -- The Tower of Althalaxx -- but the warlocks in there are still a bit over her head. I guess she'll be cruising around looking for more quest givers next time I'm on.

That should bore everyone who has no idea what I'm talking about. Next post I'll try to discuss something with more universal appeal, like the kegging of beer for Gulf Wars.

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