Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Resounding Defeat for IDiocy

There's nothing like an overwhelming show of good sense from the electorate to put a bunch of self-important creationists in their place. That's what happened yesterday in Dover, PA, where eight of the nine members of the school board were up for re-election. All eight were in favor of including a disclaimer at the start of 9th-Grade biology classes that cast doubt on the Theory of Evolution and suggested that students pick up the pro-ID book Of Pandas and People to get the ID side of the story.

Apparently the citizens of Dover quickly got tired of their school board making them a laughing stock in the public media, because they replaced all eight of the incumbents with Democratic candidates who are against introducing ID into science classes.

You can read about it in Yahoo News.

On the other hand, things are going to the dogs in Kansas, but we really knew that was coming. The Kansas board is currently packed 6-4 with IDiots, but several of those IDiots will be up for re-election next November. Hopefully their IDiotic science standards won't do too much damage over the next twelve months, and the good citizens of Kansas will toss the IDiots off their school board, as well.

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