Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Shameless Endorsement of the Absurd

Here in Nashville, we get a small, free newspaper called the Nashville City Paper that primarily covers local-interest stories but also brings in some national news and entertainment stories. On November 17, 2005, they reviewed NBC’s Medium.

Based on the adventures of real-life psychic and crime solver Allison Dubois (portrayed by Emmy-winner Patricia Arquette), the show has neatly positioned itself as both an intriguing paranormal mystery show and an above-average family drama. The relationship between Dubois and her husband Joe (Jake Weber) occupies center stage, as he tries to cope with having a wife that not only sees the future and communicates with dead people, but also frequently gets called on by the district attorney’s office at all hours of the day or night.
Real-life psychic and crime solver? Can we please cut back on the mindless credulity a little bit? Yes, Allison Dubois is a real person, but she has yet to do anything to conclusively demonstrate that she has psychic abilities.

Supposedly she sent her psychic impressions about crimes to an assortment of law enforcement agencies around the country, and the Texas Rangers contacted her shortly thereafter to assist them with a missing persons case, but the Texas Rangers deny her claim.

She also claims to have helped the Glendale, AZ police department, but they also deny ever having worked with her.

Indeed, as far as I can tell, no law enforcement agency has ever called her for assistance, and she has never contributed any useful information to a case, so can we please stop shamelessly promoting her? If you’re going to essentially advertise for her, you should at least send her a bill.

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