Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rapier Drill: Footwork

Thanks to Rhys, we have video of drills performed at the last Glaedenfeld fencing practice that I actually managed to attend. I'll dole these out one at a time, to pad out my posting for the week.

First up, a very basic drill for new fencers, how to move around. These are the basic movements for moving forward, left, right, and backwards. The actual drill involves moving in a square: forward three steps, right three, back three, and left three. Note that the foot in the direction you're going (lead foot if moving forward, right foot if moving right, etc.) goes first. Passage steps are a separate drill.

Dammit, I need to lose some weight.


Anonymous said...

There was some footage of the same drill but opposite handed, but it was running a bit long and there were some footwork flubs in that half so it was cut.

Anonymous said...

Secondary note:

The audio for this at full volume was horrible with all of the various background noise, thus the subtitles. Actually lowering the volume seemed to kill more background noise than it did the talking, so I used both methods.