Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot picture
DISCLAIMER: I have not watched the show!

However, I'm willing to bet, based on advertisements I saw, that it follows the same formula as Ghost Hunters and similar shows.
  1. Discuss rumors of a Bigfoot sighting.
  2. Go to general location of Bigfoot sighting.
  3. Talk to locals about Bigfoot rumors and get more specific directions to where Bigfoot was reported.
  4. Go out looking for Bigfoot or evidence of Bigfoot, but in the dark, with thermal cameras.
  5. Assume any fur, droppings, tree damage, strange noises, or other signs of animal life that cannot be immediately identified as coming from a bear, deer, or other common animal are irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot.
  6. Go home satisfied that Bigfoot is real and active in that area.
These are not shows that are really trying to prove anything. Their minds are made up.

If anyone watches Finding Bigfoot and thinks it doesn't fit the pattern, feel free to say so.

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