Saturday, August 20, 2011

Binary Fundamentalism

This clip from one of Ken Ham's talks really says everything that needs to be said about Young Earth Creationism.

Ken is trapped in an all-or-nothing mentality. If the Bible's claims about biological origins are false, then it's claims about souls and the afterlife must also be false. In order for him to believe that he will go to Heaven when he dies, he must also believe that the Earth is just several thousand years old and biological evolution is impossible. Ken wants to believe he's going to Heaven, so decades of study by hundreds or thousands of scientists with mountains of evidence must all be dismissed with a wave of his hand.

For him, there is no compromise, no middle ground, no other resolution. His mind is made up; don't waste his time with the evidence.

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Nena said...

Well, I never thought I'd say that I agree with Ken Ham on anything, but that day has come. I agree with his statement, "If the science of the Bible isn't true, how can any of it be true?"

More correctly, if the science of the Bible isn't true (which it isn't), how can we trust that any of the rest of it is true? This is what led me to begin questioning my faith in the first place. I used to say "well, some things in the Bible are metaphorical;" but then where do you draw the line? If the Adam and Eve story isn't true (and science tells us that it isn't), then which of the other magical stories are not true? And as I began to examine the stories of the Bible more closely, I began to see how unlikely it was that any of them were true. As a result, I became a nonbeliever due to lack of evidence.

And therein lies the danger, according to Ken Ham, with not blindly accepting every word of the Bible as fact. And he is right; it doesn't cause everyone to lose their faith, because some people are willing to cherry-pick and can deal with the cognitive dissonance. But it will most certainly cause others to turn from Christianity.