Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted Nashville

I went on a date to Haunted Nashville last night. There are some spoilers in here as you move along, so if you don’t want to know anything more than “it’s a fun house that won’t do anything really annoying”, you can stop reading now.

Nena was actually kind of worried that some of the activities would trigger her phobias, but at no point in Haunted Nashville does anyone deliberately touch, grab, or chase you. In fact, many of the monsters are quite polite, as they indicate which direction you should go when you’re having trouble finding the next doorway in the dark.

Turbidite Manor was probably the most fun of the three tours. It has the best special effects, including both animatronics and holograms. They also put characters in this one with real lines. Nena had her finest moment here, as one of the “apparitions” follows you out of one of the scenes, saying spooky things. Unfortunately for her, she moved a little too soon, and she didn’t realize that Nena and I were behind her as she followed the rest of the group down the hall. As a result, when she broke character and turned to go back to her hideout, Nena was able to startle her.

Epidemic is less interesting, in that it doesn’t really have any impressive special effects. The theme here is people jumping out of dark corners and making loud noises right next to you. The character who introduced us at the entrance to this one played his part marvelously, though.

House of Distortion is somewhere between. There are a lot of long, dark hallways where people jump out at you, but there are also some pretty impressive animatronics, and the “electrified windows” are a pretty neat effect, too.

I don’t think I’ll want to do this every year, as I suspect it will tend to be repetitive, but I’ll probably look for some other “haunted” attractions around Nashville for the future.

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