Sunday, November 01, 2009

Star Trek: Voyager "Threshold"

It's no secret that "Threshold" is the worst Star Trek episode ever. It's badly written (curse you Brannon Braga), makes zero scientific sense, and ends with an off-screen reset to the status quo. The "discovery" that they make in the episode is, of course, dropped without comment and never mentioned again in the series. Chuck Sonnenburg took one for the team in order to review it and share the pain.

Part 1 of Chuck's Review

Reading and watching his review, though, I noticed something that he apparently missed. The plot can be interpreted as a horribly mangled sexual initiation story.
  • Excited talk about getting over the "threshold" -- CHECK
  • Rather "climactic" behavior from Tom as he goes over the "threshold" -- CHECK
  • Bizarre allegory to getting STDs from going over the "threshold" -- CHECK
  • Unplanned pregnancy as a result of going over the "threshold" -- CHECK
Now your mind is scarred by this episode, too. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, he got it- I choose to believe that he left most of it out. Check the 1/3 Threshold review, about a minute before the end of that segment. He mentions Paris's behaviour in the shuttle and compares it with the episode "Alice". Draw your own conclusions from there.