Thursday, January 08, 2009


BEIJING (Reuters)A panda with a record of aggressive behavior attacked a man who jumped into its enclosure at a Beijing zoo to pick up a toy, local media said on Thursday.
Sounds like the biting was well deserved, and the panda went easy on the guy (who had only minor injuries and required little more treatment than a mandatory rabies shot). This same panda has apparently bitten two other idiots who jumped into its enclosure on prior occasions.

Is it not self-evident that you should not jump into a cage with a live, undomesticated bear? I suppose a warning sign of some sort may be in order: "Warning - Observers of this animal occasionally demonstrate astonishing stupidity! Please leave the area if you are prone to stupidity!"

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that presupposes that A: you know you are prone to stupidity and B: you are not too proud to admit it. Unfortunately most people don't seem to have one or the other of these two requirements.