Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Party Win

Another long dry spell, another D&D post. Hopefully Magna Faire will generate something more substantive, but in the meantime...

The D&D game has kind of rebooted since the partial party kill, some of my players just didn't have that much interest in the first place, it seems, so I've got a new party of three characters working in essentially the same setting.

And they're learning.

Sent into the forest to find an abandoned wizard's tower (shuddup... it's an oldie but a goodie), they tried breaking through one entrance only to see some odd, multi-colored light through the crack under the door. In an epic moment of cautiousness, they backed off and tried other entrances. Eventually one of them climbed a wall and removed a bar from the inside, and they started moving back into the fort. They found a door with a genuine lock, which the party rogue handled without difficulty. They also found a flask of something together with some spearheads, so they assumed the flask to contain some kind of weapon poison.

Working their way in further, they got into the main tower and found the source of their multi-colored lights, a glowing blob that started whacking away at them with pseudopods. After just a couple of rounds of pounding the blob with assorted weapons, they quickly realized their blows weren't doing it any harm, and Aislinge (played by Juliana) put two-and-two together to come up with the idea of putting the contents of the flask on their weapons to see if that made a difference. Ding! A dagger coated with the oil from the flask made pretty quick work of the glowing blob.

They're learning to see a plot device when it's thrown in front of them. That was a good session.

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