Monday, August 04, 2008

Music in the Vines

Music in the VinesThis post combines basic entertainment with a bit of food porn. William, Juliana, and I went down to Arrington Vineyard for one of their "Music in the Vines" evenings. It's basically a big, open picnic with a small band. Arrington really is a beautiful place to sit out on a warm summer evening, sipping wine and nibbling something fancy.

KjottsalatWhich brings us to the food porn aspect of this post. I went on a Norwegian cooking spree this weekend, with the help of William and Juliana, of course. We did all the cooking on Friday, and had a dinner of Kjottsalat with Hassellback potatoes and sugar snap peas. All good stuff, and pleasantly cool for summer. Also, on Friday night, I started the Beer Pickled Salmon that we would be having the next day at the vinyard, along with spinach salad, bread, cheese, and assorted fruit. Light fare, but wonderfully decadent, and also cool for a warm summer night. It's a good thing I ended up making a lot more salmon that we actually needed, because the staff at Arrington really wanted to try it.

TablegatingThere's a "tablegating" contest at these events, too, to have the spiffiest table setting. Naturally we wouldn't want to disappoint in that area, and with all the feastgear that SCA people accumulate, we were pretty well prepared for setting a nice table. Alas, no one from Arrington came around to say whether anybody actually won the contest that night; given how overrun they were in the wine room, I doubt they had any time to spare for it. Oh well, we'll be back to try again.

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