Monday, July 21, 2008

RUM Has Passed

I think RUM turned out to be an excellent event. Lady Xantha really outdid herself with the buffet (I need recipes for several of the dishes), and the classes looked to be well attended despite the expense of travel these days. I managed to teach all three of the dances I planned for my class: Contrapasso, Villanella, and Ballo del Fiore. I also stayed around as a designated "ringer" for the other dance classes, and those turned out to be great fun as well. Dance after the feast was improvised, but still fun. Now that I'm nearing the end of my programming classes, I will hopefully be able to get back to shire meetings so we have dance on the schedule at future events.

Along the same lines, we now have a venue for dance classes, which should be starting up next month. This pleases me greatly, and many thanks go out to Juliana for arranging the place.

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