Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coronation and Culture

The King is dead. Long live the King. Same applies to the Queen, too. Coronation is always an opportunity for some amateur acting, and some Crowns ham it up more than others. This time, His Majesty Maximillian and Her Majesty Lethrenn succumbed to “imbalanced humours of the body” that not even three holy relics could cure.

I had the honor of organizing the White Rose Ball for Her Majesty Cecilia. For those who might be interested, the list consisted of Hole in the Wall, Amoroso, Black Alman, The Queen’s Alman, Petits Vriens, Ballo del Fiore, Black Nag, Madam Sosilia’s Alman, Rostiboli Gioioso, Ly Bens Dystony, Hearts’ Ease, Gelosia, Gathering Peascods, Anello, and Contrapasso (which we never actually got around to doing). Although it didn’t go particularly quickly, I think the ball did go pretty well, and it was especially nice to have the Minstrels’ Guild providing live music, even if they did have to give up before the last set because of the weather messing with their instruments.

Having recovered from that trip, I’ll be going to be cultured this evening. Juliana was able to procure free tickets to Il Trovatore at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. This will be my first opera; we shall see if it’s an experience I want to repeat.

UPDATE: I went online to read a synopsis of Il Trovatore. It's a tragedy. Whooda thunk?


Amanda said...

Ooh, Verdi is just delightfully awful. Act I Scene 2 might appeal to you, depending upon the ghastliness of the choreography, and you'll probably recognize music in the second act. You're quite lucky; I've always had to go to the opera on my own.

Anonymous said...

I loved the ball! It went so well! Heh! Master Garet unwittingly elevated you to Master. :-) Must have been a Freudian slip. You certainly are at that level. :-) Anyway, I had a blast. Thank you for organizing it.