Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter Collegium

I traveled south to An Dun Theine on Saturday to teach dance at their Winter Collegium. A fun event, as always, and especially nice because we had a local chamber music group play for us at lunch. They were not actually SCA people, just local musicians that someone in the SCA happened to know. I'm hoping that some of them will become SCA people in the future, though. I had a few attend my dance classes that afternoon, and I sent them home with some reference material on dance (a Saltare handbook from a previous year).

I originally planned to teach Contrapasso and Contrapasso Nuovo, but seeing that I had a room to myself for as long as I wanted it, I spent pretty much the whole afternoon teaching various dances. We did some basic English Country Dances, a few of the easier Mixed Bransles, and came back round to Contrapasso variations toward the end of the day.

Time well spent, I think, even if I am running myself ragged this month.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, I guess that =reading= really does come in handy. You are a dancer in the SCA and I like to dance and will also play dance music. Cool.

Can't wait to meet you.