Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yet Another Chain-Letter Hoax

A very dear friend of mine forwarded an email with the following subject line…
please assist= Amber Alert =Evan Trembley
My email filters immediately flagged it as spam, although they didn’t delete it outright. I therefore have a bit of random blog material. The forwarded message says…

Please read what his mother says (below), then forward this message on. - Sometimes Internet Reports have produced remarkable results.
Warning! Warning! An email is asking us to forward it on! This can only end in disaster!

My 15 year old boy, Evan Trembley, is missing. He has been missing for now two weeks.
My usual chain-letter vetting source,, reports that – according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – there is no child by that name missing.

Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child. That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found by circulation of her picture on tv. The internet circulates even overseas, South America, and Canada etc.
The bit about a girl from Stevens Point being found is a direct copy-paste from the older Ashley Flores chain letter, which is another hoax.

Please pass this to everyone in your address book. With GOD on his side he will be found.
Everyone in your address book! If that’s not a giveaway, I don’t know what is.

"I am asking you all, begging you to please forward this email on to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE.

It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone knows anything, please contact me at: HelpfindEvanTrembley@yahoocom
UPDATE: According to Snopes, that’s an invalid email address, but a commenter claiming to be Evan says it works (see comments). Of course, almost anyone could have created that Yahoo address in the interim, so take it as you will.

I am including a picture of him.

All prayers are appreciated! ! "It only takes 2 seconds to forward this.

If it was your child, you would want all the help you could get!!

Missing child reports circulated by email are usually either so old that the child’s fate has already been determined or completely bogus. This one actually seems to have originated with Evan Trembley himself, who cut-and-pasted an email from the old “Ashley Flores” chain letter and sent it to his friends, from whom it spread like a virus across the internet.

If you’ve got a good heart and you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to just maybe, possibly help find a missing person : always Google the information in chain letters before you forward them.


Anonymous said...

this is the real evan aaand i know youre probably not gonna believe me, but if you wanna know anything more, emila and ill try to reply to it, its really full. just put the subject in all caps as WEBSITE LOOKING FOR FACTS or something. and it is a real email i dont know how you messed up on that?

Anonymous said...

this is the dear friend who is obviously not savvy to all the dirty lowdown scoundrel tricks floating around the web.I have saved the snopes website and will use it in the future. so sorry

Lord Runolfr said...

Don't be shy about forwarding them to me, as I can always use the laugh and the random subject matter. Just don't forward them to everyone in your address list.

Maronan said...

I've confirmed that the email in question is, in fact, a valid account. I sent something to it, and no bounce message was forthcoming. I did not, of course, confirm that it has anything to do with this chain letter.

If it's not owned by the hoaxers spreading this chain letter, then I apologise for the brief inbox intrusion.

Anonymous said...

P.t> Barnum would be proud!

Lord Runolfr said...

Good grief, it's almost December and this thing is still going around.

Anonymous said...

i recived this email today
april 2009

Neil said...

And I received it today, prefixed by "Sorry for sticking shit in your letterbox, but I just had to"