Monday, May 07, 2007

Returned from Crown List

If you’re an SCA person living in Meridies, you’d have to be living as a hermit under a rock not to know by now that Maximillian and Lethrenn are the new heirs to the throne. With the succession assured, the Crown can move on to other business.

Included in the business at Crown List was choosing the Kingdom's Poet Laureate, Kingdom Bard, and Dance Champion for the remainder of the reign of Boru and Deidre. I had not originally realized that Her Majesty was selecting her Dance Champion at this event. I entered the "performing arts" competition because fencers who did would receive an extra life in the finals of the Queen's Rapier Champion tournament, and I went to the event primarily to enter that tournament. I wasn’t even sure with whom I would dance before I arrived, but Duchess Katrina agreed to dance with me for the competition (my Laurel is very good to me). We danced Rostiboli Gioioso, a 15th-century Italian dance with which we are both quite familiar. We had strong competition from Lady Alasais, Lady Andreva, and Lord Lorenzo this year. The outcome of the competition would remain a secret until court, which would not take place until after the Queen’s Rapier Championship tournament

Speaking of which, I made it to the finals. As did three other fencers from the Shire of Glaedenfeld. We rock! Naturally, we somehow ended up fighting each other in the first couple of rounds of the final list: It was a conspiracy, I say! Ysabel and I double-killed each other in the first of the final rounds (immediately using up both of our extra lives), and Corbin killed me in the next round. *Sigh* Lord Jean-Michel won the tournament in the end.

But, in court, I did learn that Katrina and I won the Dance Championship, so life is good.


Anonymous said...

Way cool on the dancing, wish i could have seen it the more i read your posts the more i miss the SCA and the day of old when i used to have loads of fun doing it....

Hope everything else in life is well with you...
Love and miss you

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