Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pirate Drinks

Alrighty, then. I suppose I'll be makin' one more contribution to the festivities o' Talk Like a Pirate Day. As rum and drinkin' be prime elements o' the pirate life, I'll be contributin' these two suggestions to you lot o' scurvy dogs.

Captain Jack
1 part Gentleman Jack Daniels
2 parts Captain Morgan Tattoo

Pirate Port
1 shot o' Captain Morgan Tattoo in a wine glass of grape juice (red for ruby, white for tawny)

Alright then ye scurvy dogs! I've had enough o' pirate talk for the year. Off wit' ye!

1 comment:

Kisa_Krysa said...

Pirate drinks are not so bad. We had drunk a lot of them in Greece during our holidays :-) We stayed in Cliff Side Suite with unbelievable sea view. And don’t forget about wonderful sunsets and fabulous ocean with constant sunshine, amazing moon-glades and romantic evenings...