Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Scenes from Beggar's Rebellion

Rhys was good enough to bring his video camera to Beggar's Rebellion to get some shots of the activities. We had grand plans for taping drills and tourneys and a great variety of fencing action, but unfortunately their battery wasn't up to the task. It faded before we even finished warming up. Thus, we are left with just this video of Hawk and I warming up with swords and canes.

I don't think it quite lives up to the music Rhys chose. We need to do dramatic death scenes if we're going to go all Hollywood with the soundtrack.


Rhys Faber said...

Also, I lost all of my music in a recent crash. That album was stashed away in a zip file in my archived data and not with my normal music file directory, so it ended up being safe.

Hopefully I'll have a little bit broader a selection of music and something a little less intense for next time.

Julianne said...

hey there, just a fellow SCAdian searching for info about beggar's rebellion... is that not "those who fight further" by the black mages? i know it's definitely final fantasy music. very awesome. looks like something me and my friends would do! keep up the good work, fight the good fight and all that stuff... i'm sorry for your loss of musical bits!

Celeste de Sforza
mka Julianne

Lord Runolfr said...

Beggar's Rebellion is an event hosted by the Shire of An Dun Theine. You should check their website for more information about the event.