Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Psychic Uselessness

Following the Westminster Kennel Club show, a champion whippet by the name of Vivi (short for Champion Bohem C'est La Vie) escaped from her travel crate and ran off into the marshes around Kennedy International Airport. As of Tuesday, February 21, she hasn’t been found, although some droppings consistent with a dog her size were found near an airport cargo building on Monday.

Enter the self-proclaimed psychics.

"They are telling us that she is alive and they are telling us she is warm," said a friend of the dog's owners. "They are saying she's in a building — but there are hundreds of buildings."

Yeah… it takes a psychic to figure out that a thin-coated dog like a whippet is going to head for a warm building during winter in New England, especially when droppings have already been found in the area. This is typical psychic uselessness; make an educated guess and call it psychic intuition. You’d think that a real psychic would just go straight to wherever the dog is hiding, pick her up, turn her in, and walk away with the $5000 reward. Instead we get the usual optimistic health reports and useless vagaries regarding location.

I hope that Vivi turns up alive and well, but the psychics certainly aren’t doing a thing to help find her.

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