Monday, January 16, 2006

Saltare Has Passed

Another Saltare has come and gone. I can’t say that I was thrilled with the level of planning; everything was handled in about as last-minute a fashion as I think would be humanly possible. That being said, I think the Shire of Tal Mere handled their part of the proceedings quite well; it’s not easy to arrange a site classrooms and a ballroom on short notice, and they did a pretty good job of providing both.

I didn’t have the opportunity to learn much new this year. I taught Contrapasso, Ballo del Fiore, and Laccio d’Amore, and I was pretty pleased with the turnout for all three classes. I was able to attend Lady Rachael’s class on Villanella and part of Lady Tsire’s class on Buffens… Bouffons… oh, heck, it’s not like spelling was clearly defined in the sixteenth century, so who cares?

It was nice to see a scheduled court at Saltare. I felt pressured not to schedule it when I hosted, but either the pressure went away or the autocrat ignored it. Lady Francesca got to be in the Queen’s entourage this time, and I think she found that quite amusing.

The ball started in reasonable time after court and had a good selection of dances. Lady Rachael had them culturally grouped within sets, which is an approach I probably wouldn’t have taken; I think it limits how many people will be able to participate in any given set. We had a good mix of simple and complex dances in each set, though, so it worked out fine.

Two of my favorite people did get into something of a spat during the ball, unfortunately. The less said the better, and hopefully it can all be forgiven and let lie by the next event.


Anonymous said...

Hi! This was my first Saltare. I've been wanting to go for three years. I just wished I had known people there. I do not feel right introducing myself to people...after all, a lady would not have done that but would have had someone introduce her.
I do agree with the dance grouping and it limiting the people who can be invloved in each set. I had a nice time overall though.
I found this blog by looking for pictures. Do you have pictures from Saltare 2006?
Salvaza, Vulpine Reach

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for letting me use your CD player for my class, Runolfr.

Yeah, it's hard to take classes when you're busy teaching 'em. *G*

I'm glad the ball went well - I even came down for a few dances myself. There was also some quite nifty dancing upstairs at the Hafla!


Lady Sibella said...

Thanks! We didn't have a lot of time, but the Shire of Talmere really backed me up on this one, and for our part I think we came though. It would have been nice if the Dance Guild and Head would have done things a little more systematically, and in a timely fashion. Nevertheless, a good time seemed to have been had by all.

As for Court, I never felt any pressure not to have one. After all, when the King and Queen are THERE (which evidently hasn't happened before, or hasn't happened in a long time), one simply HAS it. I didn't really give the guild a chance to say no. It never occurred to me that anyone would have any objections... If the Crown wasn't there, I don't think I'd have scheduled Court. We haven't got a Baron, so it would be a moot point.

BTW, one of your favorite people, who got into it? Asked me to be her Apprentice.